In for the Long Hall - Mayo, Mayhem and Midshipmen

So Mayo it is. Certainly not the poetic repeat of '92 that many had anticipated but great to see the lads from Connaught come through. Should be an intense final. I'm sure a few GAA trivia fans will have picked up on the fact Michael Murphy's dad is a proud Mayo man exiled in Tír Conaill. Will certainly make for some fine, per-game banter in the Murphy household come Sept 23rd but in truth there is only one result that matters - the green and gold.

Speaking of pre-gaming it takes a lot to upstage an All-Ireland football semi-final in August but the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and the US Navy Midshipmen did their level best to achieve just that this past few days. The US invasion was in full swing throughout Dublin and you'd have to be an ice-cold cynic not to have been impressed and warmed by their uber friendly and entertaining presence. Many of the European Irish were particularly won-over by the pre-game events and build-up. What a great way to crank up an already buzzing fan-base. Up for the match doesn't have quite the same impact....

For those who asked the impossible "recommend a Dublin" pub question offline - a word in praise of the Long Hall on South George's street. The only pub in the world with closing time lights on full pelt which somehow doesn't seem to offend. Set a little bit south of the temple bar area it has diverse  mix of permanent and transitory residents alike.  Even the lovely Leitrim was well represented! It has an atmosphere driven purely by the heady tones of a thousand and one conversations simultaneously broadcasting the ins-and-outs of life in full flow. Hard to beat.

Now who's got tickets and a bed/couch/garden for Sept 23rd.......?


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